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January 2011
BlackBerry Torch
Forrester: Only A Third of Firms Have A mobile Strategy
IT World Canada predicts that this year will be filled with plenty of products and strategic changes to some of the world's biggest technology companies. Check out their top 11 picks!, InfoWorld.

Does your company block users from social media sites?

While it might be easy to block employee access, it might not be the right action for your business. Read why it might be time for your IT department to change the rules., InfoWorld.
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Technology @ Work

Critical Network Access

A critical network access solution can provide two essential services for your business. First, it can provide primary access in remote, temporary or hard-to-access locations, where wired internet might be difficult to procure. It can also provide backup access to provide circuit redundancy. Click here to learn more about this @ Work 1
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Top 5 Uses for Critical Network Access (CNA)

Critical network access can aid all types of businesses. Whether you're in retail, financial services or the public sector, all types of companies can benefit from improved connectivity and wireless backup. We've compiled a list of the top 5 uses for @ Work 2
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Rogers News

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About
Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi Calling   Wi-Fi Calling enables wireless devices to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi networks in Canada. With this service, calls are seamlessly transferred back and forth between the Rogers wireless network and the Wi-Fi network, without interruption. This technology provides enhanced coverage and seamless delivery of voice, data and messaging. It can also lower your telephony costs. Want to learn more?link-Rogers News 1
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Take Your Tab to Work

tablet   Think tablets are only for playing games and reading news? Well, think again. Not only are business analytics, medical care programs and CRM technologies available on these devices, they're also starting to enable entirely new types of business applications that can drive productivity. See how tablets are transforming News 2
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Peer Insights

Coventry Connections is an Ottawa, ON based taxi fleet operator that offers end-to-end services for advanced taxi fleet management. After considering several vendors, Coventry Connections selected Rogers to provide wireless network services for their mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution. The innovative technology enables drivers to offer many payment options to customers, including bank debit cards and credit cards as well as "smart" student card processing for Ottawa's three universities. Click to read more about this solution
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How Much Is Downtime Costing You?

Critical systems like point-of-sale devices can't be unavailable for long without injuring your business. An unexpected network breakdown due to weather, human error or an accidental line cut can cost you both revenue and productivity.

Try our interactive point of sale ROI calculator and gauge how much revenue you could be losing due to internet downtime and how you could save with wireless backup.
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Rogers TabLife™ TO panel: How Tablets Are Transforming Business. On December 3rd, Rogers held the Tablife™ TO conference, bringing together experts in technology, business and media to look at how tablets are transforming the way we live, work and play. There were great speakers from Deloitte, RIM, as well as a panel on How Tablets Are Transforming Business, featuring Margaret Stuart of SAP, Dr. Wendy Graham and Gord Stein, VP, Rogers Business Segment. You can catch all the highlights at:
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